Energy Management

The old adage, what’s not measured is not managed, is true for energy consumption. Most businesses treat energy as a fixed expense and the utility companies encourage that, the bill arrives, pay it.

Sadly most organisations have no person in charge and no idea about their annual energy costs! There are countless opportunities to manage and lower energy consumption, and reduce costs, but the first step must be managing energy consumption, and by that I mean, having the processes and procedures to record, report, check and compare the energy consumption periodically, at least every two weeks.  Ideally an energy manager should be able the predict the energy consumption, and then compare the prediction with the actual consumption. If there is any deviation, refine the energy model (which can be a simple spreadsheet) this provides a unique understanding the energy consumption pattern for your business.

Once data is collected you can compare (benchmark) with similar buildings or processes, to determine where you stand against your peers.  Most organisations overlook obvious cost savings for many years, until an expert is engaged to help investigate and identify areas where performance can be improved.


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