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There is a gap, wider than the grand canyon, between the aspirations of Design standards, and actual building Performance, HAESCO hosted this seminar to examine the challenges. Below are photographs from HAESCO’s Energy matters seminar held on 2 Nov. 2015 at Jockey Environmental Building, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

We were honoured to host two expert speakers:

  1. Tom Jones (BSRIA) – a renown air testing expert with 30 years experience, his topic was Leaky buildings, and air tightness standards.
  2. Ir Paul Sat (Swire) – an engineer with 30 years building services experience, his topic was Big Data, or using building data to optimise the operation of VAV systems and using VFD’s the impressive annual energy savings.

Tom’s seminar explained the history and impact of building regulations form the UK perspective, there are no standards used in Hong Kong presently. And then explained the standards used to test and assess buildings in Europe today, and the resulting energy savings expected.

Paul’s seminar explained the method and energy savings resulting from improving existing Swire buildings, focused on the typical VAV system used for air conditioning Hong Kong’s Class A Commercial buildings, and he demonstrated how they achieved 30% energy saving.


HAESCO Energy Seminar 2 Nov. 2015 – Tom Jones (BSRIA)


HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov. 2015 – Left to Right: Tom Jones (BSRIA) and Ir Paul Sat (Swire Properties)


HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov. 2015 – Tom Jones (BSRIA)


HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov 2015 – Ir Paul Sat and VAV systems

HAESCO Energy Seminar - 2 Nov 2015 - Ir Paul Sat (Swire Properties) and VAV systems

HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov 2015 – Ir Paul Sat and VAV systems savings


HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov. 2015 – Audience Question time


HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov. 2015 – Left To Right: Tom Jones (BSRIA) and Michael Choi (BEAM Society)


European air leakage standards

HAESCO Energy Seminar – 2 Nov. 2015 – European air leakage/tightness standards

Special thanks for the supporting organisations:

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HAESCO Seminar Building Energy Efficiency 2 November 2015

energy seminar hong kong

Seminar Building Energy Efficiency – 2 November 2015energy-saving-plan-cover-2

The Hong Kong Government’s Environmental Bureau launched its Energy Saving Plan in May 2015, and page 68 outlines the key policy dates, this seminar will introduce some ideas and concepts to help lower your energy costs.

We all know the challenges, 90% of electricity generated in Hong Kong is used in our buildings, that equates to approx. 63% of Hong Kong’s carbon footprint, but how can society demand energy improvement without incentives? Social pressure? Will new technology save the day? Do we need a Carbon Tax?


Presently the standard for building energy efficiency in Hong Kong is managed by two separate entities:

  1. Buildings Department (BD) govern the two flavours of Overall Thermal Transmission Value (OTTV) including the most recently added RTTV requirement for residential buildings and:
  2. EMSD who govern under Cap 610 BEEO which cover the efficiency of the Building Services equipment and systems used inside buildings, for example chillers, air handling units, fan, lighting, lifts, etc.

However, there is a huge gap, wider than the grand canyon, between creating a building in accordance with a ‘Design Standard’ and the actual building energy performance. Once dissatisfaction with building energy costs finally reaches the board room, firms often take on energy projects with little understanding of the all the risks and options involved.

We have a fantastic line up of speakers to stimulate debate, including:

Tom Jones BSRIA – Air leakage means lost energy and higher operating costs. BSRIA’s Tom Jones will discuss air leakage standards and verification methods. BSRIA is the UK’s leading building research establishment.

air leakage, HAESCO

air leakage testing

Paul Sat, Swire Properties – Big Data! Globally electric motors account for approx. 60% of electricity consumption! Paul, a Building Service engineer by profession, will discuss VAV fault detection and automatic control necessary to tackle increasing energy costs from using data.

energy seminar hong kong

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Who should attend?

  • Building Owners and Operators
  • Design Engineers
  • Facility Managers
  • Energy Consultants
  • Energy Specialists
  • Building Energy modellers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers


Cost: Free
Date: 2 November 2015
Venue: Auditorium Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong Kowloon
Language: English

3.00 pm – Registration commences & Networking
3.30 pm – 5.00 pm Seminar
5.05pm – Award/Photographs/Close

Register online (eventbrite ticketing)

Supporting Organisations

The following esteemed organisations are supporting this seminar:


ASHRAE Hong Kong



BEAM Society Limited


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Business Environment Council 


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Terms and Conditions

(1) The organiser reserves the right to change programme, agenda and speakers.
(2) Registrations of non-HAESCO members are subject to seats availability, after allowing for HAESCO members and Supporting Organisation (SO) registration . Registrations are subject to final confirmation by the organiser.
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(4) Any payment is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by the Organiser;
(5) The seminar will be cancelled if the typhoon signal No.8 or above, or Black storm warning is hoisted by HKO three (3) hours before registration commences.
(6) Our programme is subject to change and amendment, at the sole discretion of the organiser, view this page for the latest information.

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[event] HAESCO Energy Luncheon 7 July 2009

Join us for a lively roundtable discussion with international speaker Mr Constant VAN AERSCHOT, on 7th July 2009.

Date: 7th July 2009
Location: ONE bar, 3/F Exchange square I, Central, Hong Kong (subject to confirmation)
Time: 12.30 – 2.00pm
Cost: NO host formula (each guest pay own expense, budget approx. HKD 300)

Seating is limited, first come first served. NO walk-in – you must register in advance.  Contact HAESCO for more information and registration form.

Non-members pay extra HK$ 100 charge per person

Click here to download registration form (PDF format)


by John A. Herbert

First, I must thank to our chairman Dominic Yin who provided some great photos from our roundtable event on 7th July 2009.  I must also thank our speaker Mr Constant Van Aerschot, for his time and insightful presentation of the WBCSD report Transforming the Market: Energy Efficiency in Buildings and its findings.  We had a robust discussion of the various pressing issues arising from the presentation, and I feel everyone enjoyed the stimulating debate, covering definition of green buildings, LEED, BEAM, China, building energy efficiency, climate change and much more.  Finally, I must thank HAESCO director, Mr David Leung for helping organising this HAESCO event.

From Left to Right: Agnes Ng,  Angelo Iannazzo and Dennis Hwang

Left to Right: Simon Cheung, Damon So, and David Leung

Left to Right: HAESCO Chairman Dominic Yin,  Guest Speaker Constant Van Aerschot, and Vice Chairman John A. Herbert

Hong Kong Energy Business Forum June 2009

HAESCO together with FOE (Friends of the Earth) organised a forum, but unlike other events delegate’s had the opportunity to express their view on the energy business sector in Hong Kong to everyone present.

With over 100 delegates, they where seated around a table forming teams, and each team comprised 8-10 people.

Angus from FOE had a prepared a few questions in advance to entice the teams to answer in their response. After the discussion period the table leader was invited to the stage to deliver the views of their table to the audience, and received a Oneclick technologies energy saving plug.

One issue each table offered was education, educating government, educating business, and educating the general public.  It is a key issue, if we want wider acceptance of alternate business models, including performance contracting, business needs to know these options exist. Not to replace traditional ways of doing business, but to supplement them. Performance Contacts is just one option, it will never suit everyone and that’s fine. In other countries the ESCO companies started with government projects, then moved into the private sector, here the Hong Kong government has been painfully slow to show any interest, hoping that the commercial sector will be enough.

Hong Kong government or LEGCO didn’t offer any opinion.

Another important outcome was the financing for energy efficiency, presently banks and LFI’s (Local Financial Institutions) are stuck, only offering traditional loan services based on upfront collateral, and also fail to recognise the resulting cashflow generated by energy efficiency projects.

Delegates put forward a number of opinions, including loan guarantee by Hong Kong government, the setting up of a fund, and others. As other have any already pointed out, the existing SME loan guarantee scheme is not working as intended, and doesn’t educate the banks about energy project finance.

In addition to the forum session, a number of exhibitions booths allowed delegates to browse the latest services, equipment, and technology available.

Along with FOE’s director Mr Edwin Lau FOE opening presentation, Mr John Herbert HAESCO’s Vice chairman was also invited to provide opening remarks.

I must give special thanks to HAESCO’s own Mr Lawrence Wong Oneclick Technologies. Lawrence a founding director of HAESCO provided a free energy saving device for every table leader.

Several HAESCO directors and HAESCO members attended to support the event forum, I thank them all, including Simon Cheng (Honorary Treasurer), Mr Lawrence Wong,  Mr David Leung, Mr Joe Ng,  Mr Thomas Heinrich, and Mr Eddy Lui.

Both David Leung, and Thomas Heinrich also deserve a special mention, and additional thanks for taking up the challenge and supporting the exhibition. Below are some more pictures from the event, including the exhibition booths area.

Finally, I must thank FOE, Angus and all the FOE volunteers for helping organise a worthwhile event.

event – 2009 MIECF Macau

The 2009 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) event will be held in Macau.

Here is a link with further details http://www.macaomiecf.com/


A strong HAESCO delegation will attend this the conference event, and we will meet with our close friends from MESA (Macau Energy Saving Association) during the MIECF.

HAESCO Chairman Mr Dominic Yin will speak at the conference on 3rd April (Friday).  4th April (Saturday) is open to the general public.