Banner Specifications

HAESCO Website Banner Specifications

For easy reference, banners to be used on the HAESCO website shall conform with the following specifications, without exception.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide free graphical editing service, banners will be published providing they meet our specification.

NOTE: HAESCO shall not be responsible or labile for the content of any banner(s) provided by our partners. Banners are only excepted on the basis that the submitter indemnifies HAESCO against all risks, losses, and claims arising.

Banner Type 1

Exact size: 468 px  x  60 px
Format:  Jpeg or GIF
File Size: < 40KB

banner 468 x 68 HAESCO

Banner Type 2 – Side bar

Exact size: 120 px   x 120 px
Format: GIF or JPEG
File Size: < 40KB

Banner Type 3

Exact Size: 600 px  x 80 px
Format: jpeg or gif
File Size: < 40KB


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